How to Connect Google Search Console to Google Analytics

How to connect google search console to google analytics
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Google Analytics and Google Search Console may appear to provide similar information. There are important differences between the two Google services.

Google Analytics provides more information about your site visitors, including how many are visiting it, their landing pages, the time they spend on it, and where they came from (geographically).

Google Search Console provides more detailed information about Google Search Console. It shows you who is linking to your website, whether there are malware or other errors, and which keywords your site appears for in search results.

Google Analytics and Search Console respond differently to the same information. You might think you are looking at the exact same report. However, the information you get may not be the same in each place. You can link your accounts to get the most from Search Console and Google Analytics.

These two tools can be linked to create additional reports. You will only have access to them once you’ve done this.

Follow the images to connect the Google search console with Google Analytics

Step 1:

Log in to Google Analytics and click the admin button at the bottom.

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Step 2:

Move it to the property you wish to facilitate Search Console data. Click on Property Settings in the Property column.

Step 3:

Scroll down to Search console Settings, and then click on Adjust Search console. It should appear automatically if you have already verified the site in Search Console with the same email address.

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Step 4: Click on Link to create one

Step 5: Click on Choose accounts

Step 6: Click your property to add

Step 7: Click next button

Step 8: Click select button

Step 9: Click next button

Step 10: Click submit button

Step 11: Complete and link created

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Google Search Console lets you see the search results for your site in Google. By linking your Google Analytics account to Google Search Console, you can analyse your SEO rankings and other Analytics data.

It takes just a few minutes for Search Console and Google Analytics to integrate. This integration allows you to easily see your search engine ranking data merged with Google Analytics page-level data. We find that many businesses don’t yet link their accounts.

You can have more data in one place. Absolutely! It’s time to verify that this link is available for your site.

This integration allows you pull Search Console data into Analytics reports. All behaviour metrics including goal completions for devices, countries, and landing pages from Organic search can be found in one place. You can, for example, look at queries or landing pages with low CTR to make better decisions about how to improve your pages on SERPs.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console might be the name of your favourite tool, if you hear it ringing a bell. Google Webmaster Tools (GWT), which became a necessity tool for many types of people, other than webmasters, such as marketing professionals, SEOs and app developers, business owners, designers, and others, changed its name to better reflect the diverse user base.

Google Search Console, a free service that allows you to learn great information about your website as well as the people who visit it, is available at no cost. It can be used to find out how many people visit your website, what their search terms are, and whether they use a desktop or mobile computer to access it. You can also see which pages are most popular. It is also useful in fixing errors on websites, creating sitemaps, and checking robots.txt files.

Google Analytics Overview

Google Analytics gives you an in-depth view of your website and/or apps performance. It can be linked with all Google marketing products, including Google Ads, Data Studio and Search Console, making it an attractive choice for anyone who uses multiple Google tools.

Google Analytics is the right fit for you if you need a lot of information and have the skills and time to analyse it and make decisions. GA requires a lot of time. You need to learn its functions, manage campaigns, and use its data.

These reports will be available to you now:

Landing Pages

This will tell you which pages people are searching for when they visit your site via Google search. To see the search queries that led people to that particular page, you must click on it.


This report will show you the exact location of traffic to your site. You can click on a country to view the landing pages that these visitors are visiting. You can click on the landing page to return to search queries.


The “Devices” report will reveal how people search for your business via their mobile, desktop, and tablet devices.


The ‘Queries report gives you information about which keywords Google is showing your site for in search results. You can also see the details of the ‘Average position’, which shows how high we rank in search results for particular terms.

Last Thoughts

Once everything has been verified and set up, you can begin to consume all data Google Search Console offers through Google Analytics.

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