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Looking for the best AWS Training in Trichy? Learn from SYSTECH – Rated as No 1 AWS Training Institute in Trichy offering Practical Project-oriented training on all major AWS cloud architecture, Resource management, Components, Configurations, Virtual network connectivity, Security, and Services extensively with certification. Call 7502202555 to know more about AWS Training & Get your future Career in Cloud.

Course Highlights and Why Should I Learn the Amazon Web Service AWS Course in Trichy at SYSTECH?

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Syllabus of AWS Course/Training in Trichy

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Benefits of Cloud Computing
  •  Software as a Service (SaaS)
  •  Platform as a Service(PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  •  Subscription to AWS
  •  Introduction to the AWS Management Console
  •  Building an EC2 Windows instance & Linux Instance
  •  Bootstrapping with user-data
  •  Setting up security
  •  Security with Key Pairs
  • Working with the Security Group
  •  Different IPs assigned to an EC2 instance
  • Assigning Elastic IPs
  •  Login/Access to the instance
  •  Creating your own custom AMI, Registering & Granting access to the AMI
  •  Placement groups
  •  EC2 instance protection
  •  Instance Roles
  • Importing and Exporting Instances
  • Elastic Network Interfaces(ENIs)
  • Resources and Tags
  • Regions and Availability Zones – Choose the right Region
  •  Amazon Machine Images (AMI)
  •  Working with AMIs
  •  Choosing the right AMI
  •  Deciding what goes into an AMI
  •  Finding the right AMI
  •  Pricing model in EC2 instances
  •  On-demand, Reserved, Scheduled, Spot instances, Dedicated Hosts
  •  EC2 Reserved Instance Marketplace
  •  Importing and Exporting Instances
  •  Creating and deleting buckets
  •  Adding objects to buckets
  •  Getting objects
  •  Deleting objects
  •  Notifications
  •  Uses of S3 storage
  •  Working with Permissions of S3, Access Control, Bucket policy
  •  S3 Data encryption types
  •  Enable Versioning, Logging for S3 objects
  •  Accessing S3 storage with Tools
  •  Hosting a Static Website
  • Creation of user accounts
  •  Setting up multi factor Authentication (MFA)
  •  Roles in IAM
  •  Groups in IAM
  •  Delegation of permissions for users
  •  Creation of custom policies for delegation
  •  Using Identity Providers
  •  Cross-Account Access
  •  Account settings
  •  Credential Report
  •  Configuring Amazon Route 53 as Your DNS Service
  •  Migrating DNS Service for an Existing Domain to Amazon Route 53
  •  Working with Public Hosted Zones
  •  Working with Private Hosted Zones
  •  Working with Resource Record Sets
  •  Health Checks and DNS Failover
  •  Creating, Updating, and Deleting Health Checks
  •  Transferring a Domain from a Different AWS Account or Registrar
  •  Using IAM to Control Access to Amazon Route 53 Resources
  •  Creation of a topic
  •  Subscribing to topic via Email
  •  Setting notification for EC2 instance changes
  •  Setting up email domain
  • Limits of SES
  •  Test Email setup
  •  DB Instances
  •  Selecting the DB-Engine
  •  Configuring the Database Server
  •  Creating your Database
  •  Setting up automatic backups, snapshots & restores
  •  Authorizing access to the DB with RDS Security Groups
  •  Managing MySql Database server
  •  Private Cloud
  •  Public Cloud
  •  Hybrid Cloud
  •  Linux basic Commands
  • Linux basic Administration
  •  What Is Elastic Load Balancing
  •  How Elastic Load Balancing Works
  •  Creating load balancer
  •  Security groups for the load balancer
  •  Cross-Zone Load Balancing
  •  EBS Volume Types
  •  EBS Performance
  •  Instance Store volumes
  •  Instance Stores Available on Instance Types
  •  Instance Store Usage Scenarios
  •  Adding Instance Store Volumes to an AMI
  •  Optimizing Disk Performance
  •  Creating and deleting volumes
  •  Attaching and detaching volumes
  • Mounting and Unmounting the attached volume
  •  Creating snapshots
  •  Cross-Region snapshot copy & use cases.
  •  What is auto scaling
  •  Auto scaling components
  •  Benefits of auto scaling
  •  Creating launch configuration, and its prerequisites.
  •  Creating Auto Scaling Groups (ASG)
  •  Attach & Detach EC2 Instances in ASG
  •  Configuration of auto scaling policies based on the Load on EC2 instances.
  •  Using Auto scaling with Elastic Load balancer (ELB).
  •  Suspend and Resume Process
  •  Shut Down Your Auto Scaling Process
  •  Monitoring Your Auto Scaling Instances
  •  Health Checks
  •  Getting Notifications When Your Auto Scaling Group Changes
  •  Creating Vaults
  •  Working with Archives
  •  Accessing the Glacier vault using tools
  •  Using Glacier for backups
  • Data Retrieval Policy Operations
  •  Different types of networks that can be setup in AWS
  •  Creating a custom VPC
  •  NACLs & Security Groups
  •  Creation of Internet Gateway(IGW)
  •  Connecting to instances in the gateway
  •  Subnets, Route Tables & Association
  •  NAT Instances & NAT-Gateways
  •  VPC Peering
  •  Debugging cloud related issues
  •  Monitoring the AWS Service Health Dashboard
  •  Monitoring with Cloud watch
  •  Getting statistics for a specific EC2 instance
  •  Getting aggregated statistics
  •  Metrics for other AWS Services and related namespaces
  •  Setting up notifications
  • Creation of a queue
  • Sending messages to the queue
  •  Retrieving messages from SQS
  • Creation of Web-App using Elastic Beanstalk
  •  Building a sample application using Beanstalk
  •  Modifying the properties of the deployment.
  •  How CloudFront Delivers Content
  •  Working with Distributions
  •  Working with Web Distributions
  •  Working with Objects
  •  Request and Response Behaviour
  •  Serving Private Content through CloudFront
  •  Using an HTTPS Connection to Access Your Objects
  •  Using IAM to Control Access to CloudFront Resources
  •  Monitoring CloudFront Activity Using CloudWatch

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Top MNC Experts as Trainers

At SYSTECH, You will Learn from the Experts from the industry who are passionate about sharing their Knowledge with Learners. Get Personally Mentored by the Experts.

Live Projects

Get an opportunity to work on Real-time Projects that will give you a Real Experience. Showcase your Project Experience and Increase your chances of getting hired Top MNC!


Get Certified by SYSTECH. Also, get Equipped to Clear Cloud Certifications. 99% SYSTECH Students appear for Global Certifications and 100% of them Clear it.

Affordable Price

At SYSTECH, the Course Fee is not only Affordable, but you have the option to pay it in Installments. Best Training at an Affordable Price is our Promise.


At SYSTECH, you get Extreme Flexibility. Classroom or Online Training? Early morning or Late evening? Weekdays or Weekends? Regular Pace or Fast Track? - Pick whatever suits you the convenience.


Tie-up with more than 10+ Small & Medium Companies to Support you with Opportunities to Kick-Start your Career.

AWS Certification Training

About AWS Certification Course in Trichy at SYSTECH

AWS Certification Course in Trichy

AWS Course Certification is one of the best credentials which demonstrate that the candidate has gained deep knowledge of the Cloud platform and its application. With a hands-on project experience provided at the end of the training, this certification states that the student has acquired the necessary skills to work as an Cloud engineer. Having this certificate along with your CV helps in prioritizing your profile at the time of the interview and also it opens the door for a large range of career opportunities.

AWS Certification Course in Trichy at SYSTECH hones the necessary skill sets that are required for a professional cloud engineer under the guidance of our experienced professionals. AWS Training in Trichy at SYSTECH is provided by professionals who have 10+ years of experience in the cloud platform. They upskill your knowledge with the latest methods and project techniques adopted in the industry.

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Job Opportunities After Completing AWS Course in Trichy

The growth of Amazon Web Services (AWS), is huge in the recent past and its growth will be at a stable speed in the coming days as well. present days, Cloud Computing happens to be a major part of any business today. To indeed with the above statement, based on the survey submitted by the IDC it is stated that almost 74% of any IT business spending money will be on the Cloud platform. Unquestionably, when say or think about Cloud, AWS is the service provider that strikes the mind suddenly. It is prooved the overall market of AWS market value is expected to reach a total CAGR of 21% which is the US $226Billion by 2020.

currently, let us see some of the top HR that hire AWS Certified professionals, BMW, Chef, Adobe, Airbnb, FINRA, Canon, Alert Logic, Autodesk, Capital one, Citrix, European Space Agency, General Electrics, and Financial Times. The general job titles that are offered to them are AWS System Integrator, Technical Architect, Cloud Architect, AWS Solution Architect, AWS networking Specialists, AWS Big Data Specialist, and AWS Certified SysOps Administrator.

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On average, a fresher Cloud Developer salary around Rs.4,55,000 to Rs. 5,250,000 yearly. Developers with 4-5 years of experience salary around Rs. 5,50,000 to Rs.6,50,000 per annum. Senior-level candidates with 7-8 years of experience salary around Rs. 7,55,000 to Rs.9,50,000 per annum. AWS Training in Trichy at SYSTECH inculcates the required professional skills that are necessary for a professional Cloud Developer under the guidance of Cloud experienced experts.

Trichy Systech AWS Course Completed Students Reviews



It was a great experience to learn Networking, AWS and ethical hacking course in Trichy systech, I had a very good time in the institute the classes were very easy we have lab classes between every two days. The atmosphere was actually very wondering and it makes us more encouraging to learn more and empower our technological knowledge and there were live demos that makes us understand the concepts very easily. I personally had a very good time and gain more knowledge over there. The staffs over here were very talented and could teach the students in the way they could understand..

Cneha Kumaran


It was a great experience to learn AWS course in Trichy systech, I had a very good time in the institute the classes were very easy we have lab classes between every two days. The atmosphere was actually very wondering and it makes us more encouraging to learn more and empower our technological knowledge and there were live demos that makes us understand the concepts very easily. I personally had a very good time and could gain more knowledge over there. The staffs over here were very talented and could teach the students in the way they could understand.

(FAQ) AWS Frequently Asked Question

  • AWS Course at SYSTECH is designed & conducted by AWS Certified experts with 12+ experience in the cloud field.
  • The only institution in Trichy with the right blend of theory & practical class.
  • Extensive Course coverage for 65+ Hours.
  • More than 700+ students trust SYSTECH.
  • Affordable fees keeping students
  • Course timings customized to suit working professionals and students
  • Interview support
  • Resume building tips
  • Real-time course and projects
  • SYSTECH has placement tie-ups with more than 10+ small, medium, scale companies, and these companies have job openings for Networking professionals.
  • SYSTECH Academy has Dedicated to supporting the students with Placement assistance.
  • The Carrier cell helps the students with various interviews.

You can be contacting our support number 7502202555 or you can directly walk into our office.

SYSTECH institution was set up in the year 2002. to provide world-class IT Training. We have been actively present in the training field for close to a decade.

We have trained more than 1000+ students till now and it includes the numerous working professionals as well.

  • We have given maximum individual attention to the students. The Training batch size is 5 – 6 members per batch. The batch size has been customized for individual attention and to clear the doubts of the students in complex topics clearly mentors.
  • SYSTECH provides the necessary practical training to students with many Industry projects and real-time case.

Tutors are Industry Experts who have a decade of experience as Cloud engineers. Also, the Training faculty of SYSTECH are Working professionals from the AWS & Microsoft Azure field and they provide real-time hands-on training to the students.

  • Solution Architect
  • Development Operation engineer
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Technical Architect
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Cloud Consultant

SYSTECH has consistently been the Best AWS Training Institute in Trichy since its inception providing them students with industry-relevant knowledge required to make a successful career.

Anyone interested to learn Cloud Computing can learn AWS. Basic knowledge of Networking, Linux, and fundamental programming knowledge would be an added plus to learn AWS Courses in Trichy.

We accept Cash, Card, and G Pay.

SYSTECH provides the best AWS Course in Trichy with the help of MNC professionals. Spend your good time visiting our branches in Trichy. SYSTECH Academy is located in the main areas of Trichy, Cantonment. People also reach from

  • Thillainagar
  • Woriyur
  • Srirangam
  • Palakkarai
  • Paalpannai
  • Malaikottai
  • Tolgate
  • Samayapuram
  • Gandhi Market
  • Central Bus Stand
  • Central Railway Station
  • Saththiram Bus Stand
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Systech Hardware & Networking Academy (p) Ltd

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Systech Hardware & Networking Academy (p) Ltd

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Systech is nearby trichy railway station and trichy central bus stand. If you need the best training/course in Trichy, driving a couple of extra kilometers is worth it!

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