Digital marketing course in Singapore

digital marketing course in singapore
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Best 10 Top Digital Marketing Institutes in Singapore 2023

There are many digital marketing and social media institutes all over the globe, with Singapore being one of the most popular. The digital marketing industry is growing rapidly in Singapore. It is not surprising that people are increasingly interested in learning how to teach about and use social media strategies and digital marketing to their advantage.

You have likely been touched by social media, whether you use a smartphone or are online. Digital marketing is something you can’t ignore if you are an advertiser or marketer at any company.

There are many Digital Marketing Institutes in Singapore, which can teach you how to use digital space and social media to your advantage. However, it is difficult to find the right digital marketing training institution that covers all essentials. These are the 10 top digital marketing institutes you can trust in Singapore.

Systech Online course

systech trichy coimbator

Systech, a leading digital marketing institution in Singapore online, offers comprehensive courses in digital marketing. Systech is a great choice if you’re looking for digital marketing certifications. This is due to the unique agency-style training methodology and other benefits.

Systech digital marketing course was created to bridge the gap between digital marketers who are aspiring and those in the industry looking for digital marketing professionals. Systech designed the course keeping in mind the changing nature of the field. 

The agency-based training method is used by the institute. This allows students to experience the industry first-hand before they can take on the real-world challenges of the field. Each group of students is assigned a project and treated as an agency. They are exposed to the workings of an agency and get insight into how it functions. Systech faculty can mentor students and help them learn from the best in the industry.

Systech is the right choice if you’re looking for a complete digital marketing course in Singapore online. You will have the opportunity to network with industry leaders and build your industry contacts. Systech is known for producing digital marketing professionals who are leaders in their respective verticals.

Online Digital Marketing Course in Singapore

Systech offers both online and offline classes and is available to students around the world. It is therefore one of the most renowned digital marketing institutes in online. Students from all over the world, including Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries, have taken up digital marketing online courses and made it a career.

Systech staffs are experienced leaders in their respective fields and will teach the online course live. Along with regular classes, the course also includes doubt-clearing sessions and training sessions. Systech students can ask the faculty any questions they may have. As a student of Systech, you will gain more knowledge and be able to interact with our trainers.

Systech has produced digital marketers who are leaders in their field and have created a niche in the global market. Formation of groups, each group acting as an agency for real-time projects.

Course Syllabus

Basic and WordPress Site Development & Canva Design

  • Digital Marketing Overview
  • Creating a website by WordPress
  • Setting Up WordPress
  • Canva – Designing Tool

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

  • Fundamentals of SEO
  • On-page Optimization
  • Blog Marketing
  • Google Search Console
  • Google My Business
  • Content Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdSense
  • Technical SEO
  • Google Algorithms
  • Competitor Analysis
  • App Store Optimization
  • Off-page Optimization
  • SEO Tools
  • Website Audit

Google Ads & Marketing SEM – Search Engine Marketing

  • Familiar with SEM
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Remarketing Ad
  • Google Display ad
  • Google Shopping ad

SMM & SMO Social Media Marketing & Optimization

  • YouTube Optimization
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Quora Marketing
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • WhatsApp Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing

Facebook marketing course in singapore

Facebook marketing/advertising course in Singapore is the exercise of selling an article or maintaining a brand and retaining its presence on Facebook. Facebook marketing course in singapore refers to each organic (free) postings/interactions, and paid, or “boosted” posts.

Affiliate Marketing

  • Online Reputation Management
  • Email & SMS Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Email Marketing

The above-mentioned subjects are covered in the syllabus in a very detailed manner by industrial experts.

Trainer Profile:

Digital marketing course modules at systech are taken only by industry working professionals. They have more than 4+ years of experience in this field. So students get live project details & the latest methods, tools, and tips from experts.

Course Duration & Fees:

The duration of the digital marketing course in Coimbatore is 2.5 – 3 months which comes  to approximately 60  hours. The fee for the course is INR 25,000 + Taxes. (Note: The duration of the course will be change according to the latest technologies).  

Do you feel our course fees high? Please check out the course highlights

Course Highlights:

  • Get Rs4000-/ Worth Web Hosting
  • Life-long mentorship support
  • Life-long video access
  • 1-to-1 Training
  • 15+ Certification support
  • 10+ Project assignments
  • Industry accepts final project
  • Live Project examples
  • Installment Payment option
  • Carrier support
  • Interview Q&A
  • Resume preparation & Model Interview
  • Native language (Tamil) class

Placement Support:

Placement Support is available for students enrolled in this course. Our placement support team will provide you with the contact information of companies interested in hiring new graduates from your program.

Certification Offered:

We help the students get 15+ global certifications, including Google, Microsoft, and SEMrush, etc. And also offers an ISO standard Systech certificate for final project completion.

Watch Our Student Testimonials

semrush seo tool certification
semrush tool certificate

1)Equinet Academy

This institute was established in 2013 and offers a more holistic view of social media marketing. They divided them into capsules to teach different aspects about social media marketing. They offer two certificate programs.

Current Courses:

¨ Certified Digital Marketing Strategist (CDMS)

¨ Certified Digital Marketing Strategist (CDMS).

Modules covered:

¨ Digital Marketing Strategy

¨ Content Marketing Strategy

¨ Social Media Marketing

¨ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

¨ Digital Advertising

¨ Digital Marketing Analytics (DMA)

¨ Facebook Advertising Core Competence.

Address: 10, #25-08 Anson Rd, International Plaza, Singapore 079903

Email: enquiry[at]equinetacademy[dot]com

Phone: +65 6816 3016

Website: www[dot]equinetacademy[dot]com

2)MAD School

They have developed programs that combine marketing, design, and advertising. They were established in 2003. They emphasize creativity and build on it so that students learn how to make the most of the information they have gathered during study and work.

Current Courses:

¨ Digital Marketing Diploma course

Modules covered:

¨ Social Media Marketing

¨ Digital Marketing

¨ Content Marketing and Creation (Storytelling)

¨ Innovative marketing,

¨ Branding

¨ Copywriting

Address: Riverside Point #03-22, 30 Merchant Road Singapore 058282

Email: info[at]cma-academy[dot]com

Phone: +65 6337 5449

Website: www[dot]madschool[dot]edu[dot]sg

3)Singapore Management University, (SMU).

Singapore Management University was established in 1997. It is well-known for its “experimentation in diversity”. There are many courses offered by the institute, including Law, Accounting, Economics, Journalism and Digital Marketing.

Current Courses:

¨ Digital Marketing Professional Certificate

Modules covered:

¨ Creating and curating display content in your digital strategy

¨ Creating and Curating Video Content in Your Digital Strategy

¨ Persuasive copywriting in your digital strategy

¨ Building a WordPress site for conversion

¨ Search Engine Marketing

¨ Social Media Marketing.

Address: Administration Building, Singapore Management University, 81 Victoria Street Singapore 188065.

Email: enquiry[at]smu[dot]edu[dot]sg

Phone: +65 6828 0100

Website: www[dot]smu[dot]edu[dot]sg

4)Web Design Course Singapore by Scott Tan

This course will explain why websites are important and how to help others. They emphasize the importance of understanding how and why you can be found online. They are focused on making the course easy to understand and helping business owners and managers do better work.

Current Courses:

¨ Facebook Marketing for Business,

¨ LinkedIn Courses for Business Owners/Property Agents/Internet Merchants,

Modules covered:

¨ Understanding Facebook demographics

¨ Facebook marketing concepts

¨ Designing your Facebook Strategy,

¨ LinkedIn Strategy.

¨ How to turn your LinkedIn platform into a sales platform.

¨ How to create a strong branding online.

Address: 10 Anson Rd, Singapore 079903

Email: WebDesignTrainingSchool[at]gmail[dot]com

Phone: +65 9630 7041

Website: www[dot]webdesigncoursesingapore[dot]com


IIMSkills is a leading provider of digital marketing courses. They are both industry-relevant and job-oriented. The curriculum is simple to follow. You only need to be curious about digital marketing and want to apply it in your professional life.

Digital Marketing Master Course (DMMC), is the best course. It provides hours of practical knowledge that will help you improve your skills.

The course consists of 180 hours of intensive live and virtual classroom training. This course covers 40 key digital marketing modules.

This digital program is 3 months long and offers a lot of opportunities to learn and implement online marketing concepts. You will also receive training for 13 major certifications preparation. This includes training for Hubspot certifications, Facebook certifications, and Google Certifications.

These concepts are part of the course curriculum:

¨ Digital Marketing Fundamentals

¨ Web Development

¨ WordPress Creation

¨ Search Engine Optimization

¨ Search Engine Marketing

¨ Email Marketing

¨ Inbound Marketing

¨ Media Planning and Buying

¨ Social Media Marketing Optimization

¨ Advanced blogging and content writing

¨ Integrated Digital Strategy

¨ Marketing Automation

¨ Affiliate Marketing

¨ Online Reputation Management

¨ Web Analytics

¨ Digital Infographic Resume Creation

¨ Salient features

You will learn about some of the most important tools, such as Facebook Ads and Facebook Insights. Keyword Planner. LinkedIn Ads. YouTube Analytics. Uber suggest. Moz, SEMrush. Twitter Ads Google Trends.

The hands-on assignments last for 120 hours. Practical training is provided on key concepts in online marketing.

There are many live projects that focus on Web Development, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.

Mentors can provide valuable tips and strategies for creating winning campaigns online. They are digital marketers who are well-qualified and have a deep understanding of current trends and best practices in the online space.

Call: 9911 839 503

6)National University of Singapore

The National Institute of Singapore, a pioneer institution in digital marketing education, offers one of the best courses in Singapore. It has been instrumental in establishing successful professionals in their respective fields since 1981.

NUS was recognized as a pioneer in the development of the national skills future movement that will lead the workforce to greater heights.

The Digital Marketing and Content Creation Professional Certificate reflects current trends and practices that can be used to develop high-quality strategies.

This course includes a lot hands-on training, project work, and a lot more that will help you develop confidence in your ability to strategize for the web.

NUS certificate is given in partnership with Singapore Media Academy and the Association of Advertising and Marketing Singapore.

Course Name: Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing and Content Creation

The curriculum contains:

¨ Social Media Analytics

¨ Web Analytics

¨ Digital Marketing Online Content Creation

¨ Group Presentation

The following are the salient features of this institute:

This course provides a 360-degree understanding of online modules. This includes creating and implementing digital strategies on different online platforms, including social media channels.

Analysing and reporting different metrics is possible. You can also create strategies using the information you get from these reports. This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to combine the various digital marketing components. These individual strengths can be leveraged to your advantage.

This allows you to make the most of each module. You will be proficient in all online modules by the end of this course. You will also be able to plan and implement complex digital strategies that support your business goals.

Address: 21 Lower Kent Ridge Road Singapore 119077.

Contact: +65 6516 6666

7)Avado Learning

Avado Learning provides education in different digital marketing components comprehensively. They offer one of the most challenging digital marketing courses in Singapore.

The faculty is supportive and offers a place to learn, grow, and use digital marketing knowledge in real-world projects. All your questions and confusions will be addressed promptly by the support team.

The squared digital course is available online in five modules. This course lasts for five months. This course teaches you how to create and implement digital campaigns on real-time projects.

Working in teams allows you to understand the benefits of collaboration and brainstorming. You will be able to become a skilled digital marketer with a thorough understanding of the online marketing system by the end of this course.

These five models cover the following topics:

¨ Digital Disruption

¨ Marketing Transformation

¨ Consumer Behaviour and Changes

¨ Technology Landscape

¨ Digital First Approach

¨ Leadership Behaviour and Organizational Characteristics

¨ Customer Journey

¨ Brand Mission

¨ Social Media Content

¨ Customer-centricity

¨ Mobile Technology

¨ Video and Display Advertising

¨ Programmatic Technologies

¨ Google Analytics

¨ Introduction to Data Attribution, Custom View

¨ Technological Development

¨ Organisational Culture

¨ Digital Strategies Integrated

Avado Learning offers a digital learning experience that includes six virtual classes. Each class includes intensive training lasting one hour.

These concepts are covered in the course:

¨ The Digital Landscape is changing

¨ Data and Insights

¨ Search Engine Optimization

¨ Search Engine Marketing

¨ Content Strategy

¨ Video and Display

¨ Remarketing

¨ Programmatic advertising

Another course is the Digital Marketing Masterclass Series. Each workshop is a live virtual workshop that lasts 90 minutes.

The curriculum contains:

¨ Customer-first marketing is essential

¨ Introduction to Content Marketing

¨ Search & Paid Media Channels

¨ Social Engagement

¨ Collaboration with Influencers

¨ Key Performance Indicators

¨ Campus Canvas Debrief

Anyone who is interested in digital marketing can benefit from these courses. These courses are especially beneficial for professionals looking to change careers in digital marketing or traditional marketers.

Address: 6A, Shenton Way Singapore 06807

Phone: 65 6876 77908

8)Media one

Media One is one of the most renowned digital marketing courses in Singapore. This digital marketing agency is ISO-certified and has been serving clients for over a decade. Their industry knowledge makes them the best training institution.

There are many courses available:

¨ Search Engine Optimization

¨ Search Engine Marketing

¨ Conversion rate optimization

¨ Marketing and Social Media Optimization

¨ Content Marketing

¨ Email Marketing

¨ Branding

¨ Web Design

¨ E-commerce

These topics cover roughly the following concepts.

¨ Google AdWords

¨ Display Network Campaign

¨ Search Network Ads

¨ Scheduling

¨ Ad Extension

¨ Off-Page and On-Page Optimization

¨ Keyword Research and Planning

¨ Domain Authority

¨ Website Auditing

¨ SEO Measurement Tools

¨ Google Search Console

¨ Website Structure

¨ Do’s and don’ts

¨ Effective link building

¨ Facebook Overview

¨ Engaging customers

¨ Facebook Analytics, Insights and Strategy

¨ News Feed Algorithm

¨ Use Third-Party Apps for Page Management

This course was designed by people who work in the online space. The curriculum has been designed to meet the current industry trends and needs of the online world.

Address: 4B Craig Road Singapore 089 664

Call: +65 6789 99852


Intellisoft Systems provides comprehensive online training in Singapore and the Middle East. It was founded in 2003 and specializes in Microsoft Office training, project management, IT soft skills, and digital marketing.

The faculty has 30 years of combined experience and aims to improve the skills of students so that they are technologically savvy. They will be able to design some of the most successful campaigns.

Here’s the Digital Marketing Course Curriculum:

¨ Digital Marketing Overview

¨ Digital Marketing Techniques, Goals, Advantages, Limitations

¨ Content Marketing

¨ Design considerations

¨ Digital Marketing Strategies

¨ Content and Promotion

¨ Mobile Marketing

¨ Email Marketing

¨ Online advertising

¨ Search Engine Optimization

¨ Keyword Research

¨ Social Media Marketing Tips

¨ Social Media Account Insights

¨ Web Analytics

¨ Analytics for Online Advertising

¨ Social Media Management Services

¨ Influencers, Reviews and Referrals

This training institute has some significant features:

Practicality is the main focus of this program. You will need to do several exercises and hands-on training.

This will ensure that you are able to understand the concepts clearly. This will also help you create, structure and implement digital marketing campaigns confidently.

Address: 5001 Beach Road #06-05 Golden Mile Complex Singapore 1995 88

Call: +65 6296 2995


COMAT offers insight into the characteristics of a great digital marketer. The blended learning approach combines classroom training with online study. You can keep track of your course content and the latest news from the online domain with the learning management system.

COMAT offers digital marketing training:

¨ Digital Marketing: A Guide

¨ Planning and Key Concepts

¨ Considerations & Social Media Platforms

¨ Search Engine Optimization

¨ Engagement, Lead Generation and Sales

¨ Online Advertising and Marketing

¨ Analytics

¨ Social Media and Sites

¨ Online advertising

¨ Email Marketing

¨ Mobile Marketing

The institute offers more than just the digital marketing course. It also offers the following courses:

¨ Digital Literacy & Database

¨ Data Science

¨ Cybersecurity

¨ Cloud Computing

¨ Python

¨ Virtualization

¨ Project Management

¨ Office Productivity

¨ Networking

Address: 10 Anson Road #06-19/ 20 International Plaza Singapore 079 903

Contact: +632 379 11

Our final thought:

The above-mentioned institutes offer the digital marketing course in Singapore in an efficient manner. Choosing the right institute and the right course will help you to build a better career in the field of digital marketing. The future marketing industry is mainly based in the digital environment hence the right move for your career will sustain you in the marketing industry.